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At present Fresh Hope are working in the city of Bo outreaching to a large number of girls who are working on the street to earn a living and support their families. Since 2003 we have befriended and loved these girls just as Jesus loves them. We have helped these girls realise their value and worth through speaking biblical truth over them and as a result have seen 100 girls come to personally develop a relationship with Jesus and attend our Fresh Hope church. Over the past year at Fresh Hope we have provided a counselling service to help support these girls both emotionally and spiritually. We have also tried to train and equip these girls to help provide them with alternative means of income. We provide classes to train and equip girls in tailoring, hairdressing, hair extension making, Soap making, Tie-dye, traditional weaving, literacy and numeracy, discipleship and others.


Our current reality

Unfortunately 40 girls have returned to the streets during COVID19 for income as we have struggled to financially establish projects that will give these girls as source for income and keep them off the streets. These girls are children of God, they are known and loved by their heavenly father who wants nothing but the best for them. God has a plan for their life. Working on the street to provide for their families is not only physically unsafe for these girls but emotionally and spiritually draining. This is not God’s plan for their life but they have been forced into this lifestyle. These girls deserve better. They deserve a life giving opportunity to live life to full as Jesus intended these girls to live. Our youngest girl who is working on the street is aged just 13. These women are vulnerable, broken and hoping for a way out. It’s so great that so many of these girls came to know Jesus but our work doesn’t stop there. We need regular financial support to provide an alternative means of income for the girls and we need to be able to spread the love of Jesus further on the street to see many more girls come to faith and experience life in all its fullness.


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